The Uni-WiSE Study

University Wellbeing in the Student Experience Study.

Exploring the links between student wellbeing, mental health and university experience.

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About Us

We are a research team based at King's College London who want to learn more about student wellbeing and the things that affect it. 

Wellbeing and mental health can affect students’ experience of university, their grades and their likelihood of dropping out.


We need better quality research to help us to understand exactly how widespread these difficulties are, and what predicts these difficulties. Going to university involves a range of new experiences and challenges, and these may be experienced in a variety of ways by different students. 

Our study aims to find out more about student wellbeing and mental health at King's, using cutting edge research methods. 


How does it work? 

There are three parts to the study. You can choose to take part in all, none or some of the parts. 

  1. An online questionnaire about wellbeing, mental health and your experiences at university

  2. Giving permission for us to access some university data about you, such as grades

  3. Providing a DNA saliva sample. At this stage, only students on selected courses can take part in this section. 

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Online Questionnaire


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